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  • “My experience with ATG has been that they conduct themselves in a very efficient and professional manner. My clients have been very pleased with the company’s level of expertise and their interactions with them havebeen very positive.”

    Leslie Kos, CPA / Partner – Hills, Renaut, Homen & Hughes

  • “If you are an Enterprise Zone business and are not aware of what the benefits are, I urge you to contact ATG right away. They make the process simple and they also work along with your CPA/Accountant to make sure that all tax-credit benefits are captured.”

    Richard Nunes, CFO – Lawrence Tractor Co, Inc.

  • “ATG is diligent in collecting data needed to generate the tax credits, as well as easy to work with.  The cost for their services is minimal in comparison to what you can save by taking advantage of the program.  I would encourage anyone looking to save money for their organization to take this opportunity.”

    Scott Fahrney, Co-owner – Fahrney Automotive Group

  • “ATG’s commitment to professionalism and integrity have ensured that our client relationships are never compromised, making us confident that our two firms will be working closely and smoothly well into the foreseeable future.”

    Kendall J. Groom, CPA / Partner – Dristas, Groom & McCormick LLP

  • “ATG helped our company take advantage of the Enterprise Zone so that we could receive refunds back from our state income taxes we had paid. In the past we had struggled with high income tax liability; ATG helped us build tax credits to alleviate that burden. Because of their hard work, we only had to put in minimal effort to receive a large benefit. We look forward to using ATG again in the future to build more tax credits.”

    Steve Cloud, Owner – Fresno Distributing Co

  • “ATG has tax credits specialists that save our clients thousands of bifido and of dollars. They are efficient, reliable and honest. I’m very happy with their services, and I recommend them to other business owners. American Tax-Credits Group is an asset to our community in educating others about the probiotics what is it and the CA Enterprise Tax Zones.”

    Cala Carter, President – CCIS Insurance Group are probiotic pills good for you